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  • Once you’ve submitted the form, we'll get in touch as soon as we can. We may have more questions for you about your claim, or we may be able to arrange payment straight away, depending on the claim. Either way, we'll contact you to let you know how your claim's progressing.

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Buildings refers to your walls, roofs, windows, and anything else that’s part of the fundamental structure of your home - including fixtures and fittings like your bathroom suite, your garage or outbuilding, driveway, patios, walls, fences and gates. Contents refers to anything inside your home that isn't fixed, such as your electricals, clothing and possessions. Your carpets are also included as contents.

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Please answer this to the best of your knowledge. Don’t worry if you don’t know but here’s a quick summary:Accidental damage - Something has been broken or damaged by a spillage.Fire - This refers to damage caused by heat or smoke.Weather - A storm, flood or strong wind has caused the damage.Escape of water - A leak, or burst pipe.Theft - An item has been stolen from your home or from you while you were out.Malicious damage - Someone has deliberately caused damage to your home or contents.Impact - Something has hit your home.

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Family members include partners, spouses, relatives, extended family, and domestic employees such as carers or nannies.